Why Are HGV Drivers’ Salaries Rising?

A shortage of trained drivers, increasing demand for goods to be transported by road and sometimes challenging working conditions mean that the salary heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers can expect to earn has been steadily increasing in the past years.

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It seems that salaries will keep rising, with no let-up in demand for their skills but a decreasing supply of qualified drivers.

HGV Drivers in Short Supply

According to the Freight Transport Association (FTA), the UK is 52,000 HGV drivers short of what is needed. And this shortage is rapidly getting worse, as this is a 49% increase since last year, with the impact of Brexit threatening to make this situation worse.

The shortage could bring the supply chain for crucial goods to a complete holt and bring the economy to its knees. So increasing salaries has been one crucial way hauliers have been trying to retain existing HGV drivers and also look to attract new drivers to train and be part of the industry.

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Giving More to HGV Drivers

Even when paying HGV drivers a salary that they can rely on increasing steadily each year, it can still be a challenge for hauliers to recruit and retain. One of the ways they can distinguish themselves is by offering comprehensive insurance cover for all their drivers, and looking to HGV insurance specialists such as means they can secure this at a competitive price.

With lorries and delivery vehicles being in constant demand across the UK, there is an opportunity for a varied and changing career. There is a lot of freedom to work under your own direction, plenty of job security and pay of up to £35 per hour, with average annual salaries at above £30,000. There’s also opportunity to earn bonuses and progress in a career which has guaranteed demand.

Newly qualified drivers as well as those with many years of experience are guaranteed work provided you keep your licence clean. There is regular work immediately available and also flexibility in terms of hours and locations worked, as so many industries rely on HGV drivers.

With the current economic climate remaining uncertain, it could certainly be reassuring to work as an HGV driver and look forward to increasing rewards for your hard work.