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Employee turnover rates are high across many diverse industries, making it difficult to ensure that companies have the talent they need to expand and progress. Finding and vetting appropriate job candidates can wind up taking up a good portion of staffing managers’ time and budgets, but there is a practical solution. Contracting the services of a Recruiting agency gives businesses access to a wider pool of job applicants and helps to alleviate some of the stress of finding candidates that meet their unique requirements.

Raise the Quality Level of New Hires

One of the many advantages of using a staffing firm to help find job applicants is that it gives companies the opportunity to reach more job candidates, improving the chances of finding exactly the right person for the job. Not sure if it’s worth paying consulting fees? Try comparing the best candidates provided by a staffing firm with those that are currently being interviewed for the role; companies that do almost always find that those job candidates found through a staffing firm are of a superior quality to those who would otherwise be interviewing for the position.

Passive Recruitment

Many of the top passive candidates seek out third-party recruiters to stay on top of opportunities at other companies. In-house corporate recruiters don’t have the advantage of access to this pool of highly-qualified job candidates.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

Top recruiting firms utilize their specialized knowledge of the industries they support to find the candidates that are right for the job. They have the interests of both their client companies and potential job applicants in mind, and vet candidates carefully to ensure that they are qualified.

Fewer Interviews

When hiring through a staffing agency, those interviewing candidates have to do less work. They spend less time interviewing underqualified candidates, allowing them to focus on those that have the appropriate skills and experience to fulfill unique job responsibilities. This saves the company money in the long run as well, as it generally reduces the amount of time it takes to find a uniquely qualified candidate to fill each open position.

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These and other fantastic benefits of working with a recruiting firm can only be taken advantage of if companies choose to work with firms that have experience in their industries. Be sure to do a little bit of research prior to choosing a staffing agency.