Selecting the right business marketing strategy

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With the various marketing strategies to choose from, it could be somewhat overwhelming when a person first embarks on a journey to find the right one for their business. With the few ideas suggested here, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about what works for you with regards to your business marketing needs. A worthy note to keep in mind is that marketing strategies are as unique as businesses are and in that regard, there is no the right way of doing it.

What is your overall business objective?

Say you own one of the firms that work with people with unfiled tax returns Canada has and you’re looking to set yourself apart. Being a niche market, one would have to ensure that the approach they use has them standing out. Where, therefore, does one start? It is likely that it requires a lot of coffee and meeting in a boardroom crafting they what the primary goal is. Whatever the result is, it has to align with the general business plan that the company has that ought to align with the company’s mission and vision. Until those are in order, the company will appear to be a mishmash of identities and mixed messaging.

Determine the goal and target market

Once you have those in place, consider what the intention of the company’s marketing efforts is. That will be the basis of the direction the strategy will make. Using the example that we mentioned earlier, one of the reasons the business would need a marketing strategy would be to create brand awareness or perhaps get more people to sign up for their services. Based on the goal, consider what would be the best way to get them engaged in taking action. Doing prior research as to who the likely audience is off the bat helps companies align their messaging earlier on and provides insights based on data instead of assumption.

Find your approach and medium

The target market will point to what mediums different people within the said demographic communicate. Within the bracket of those with unfiled tax returns could be small businesses or person of influence that for one reason or another failed to do what was expected of them. What would then be the best way to reach them? Promotion ads on Google search engine or an email blast would attract their attention for example, or perhaps even a video. Remember only to pick a few approaches to avoid spreading yourself (and budget) thin.


Once you have this basis, what is left follows the same strategic approach as in other departments. Once you’re executing the marketing strategy, avoid remaining rigid as the industry and the world we live in is always changing. Therefore, take everything in stride and look at it as an opportunity to adapt and get ahead.