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Metal shelving hides its light under a bushel somewhat. This rather commonplace, functional workhorse has great qualities – it is strong, reliable, simple to erect, and can be tailored to many size and shape configurations.

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There are a number of providers of industrial shelving in Ireland, so let’s take a look at some ideas for alternative uses of metal shelving.

Temperature controlled storage

The fundamental physical properties of metal stand up well to cold and sub-zero use in terms of durability and strength because it can withstand a variety of temperatures. Metal racking in any cold storage facility is an obvious choice because of this. Examples include anything from obvious industries, such as restaurants and the retail industry for cold storage of foods, through to specialised facilities such as pharmaceuticals, research centres, hospitals, or where chemical or biological materials are utilised. Another use for metal shelving is for temperature-controlled server and computer rooms, where cooling and stability are vital properties to maintain optimum service.

Both cold storage and kitchen/staffroom needs are heavily governed by food hygiene regulations as set down by the Food Standards Agency. Metal as a surface for these types of storage requirement is easy to clean and keep clean.

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Long-term archiving

Due to its bespoke fitting characteristics and strength, metal storage units are good space-saving facilities for document storage. Paper is heavy and can be unstable, but open racking with good labelling is the perfect way to store document boxes for ease of access and at-a-glance retrieval.

Retail backrooms

Notoriously untidy dumping ground or well-organised, visually-helpful storage? The preferred choice is obvious, whether for multinational outlets or corner shops. Open racking is tidy, visible, versatile to fit to the product demand, and easy to access for rotating stock. Retail use particularly may need to accommodate all shapes and sizes, including bins within the same unit, so choose a supplier that offers a broad integrated range such as

Hygienic food storage

Metal is fundamentally easy to keep clean and the workplace has high demands on health and safety, whether for the staff canteen, coffee areas, trays of food, displays, or non-food items. Spillage is a problem in such areas and, in addition to the basic storage needs, metal stands up to the hygiene challenge.