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Ideas for using metal shelving in the work environment

Metal shelving hides its light under a bushel somewhat. This rather commonplace, functional workhorse has great qualities – it is strong, reliable, simple to erect, and can be tailored to many size and shape configurations.

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There are a number of providers of industrial shelving in Ireland, so let’s take a look at some ideas for alternative uses of metal shelving.

Temperature controlled storage

The fundamental physical properties of metal stand up well to cold and sub-zero use in terms of durability and strength because it can withstand a variety of temperatures. Metal racking in any cold storage facility is an obvious choice because of this. Examples include anything from obvious industries, such as restaurants and the retail industry for cold storage of foods, through to specialised facilities such as pharmaceuticals, research centres, hospitals, or where chemical or biological materials are utilised. Another use for metal shelving is for …

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