5 More Skills That Every Call Centre Agent Must Possess

A call center agent must provide the highest-quality support to their customers. They regularly hear complaints and the same questions each day and therefore must show the same attention to detail to each client, understanding their issues and offering useful help and support.

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There are many attributes a call centre agent must possess, and here we look at five more skills that are essential for the role.

1. A Positive Attitude

Even if the customer is extremely upset, agents must have a positive attitude. By using positive language, agents will reflect confidence in searching for a solution that will reassure the customer and inspire sustained loyalty for the brand.

A positive attitude has been linked to many benefits, including improving your emotional well being and your career progression.

2. Practise Attentive Listening

If a customer wants to describe a situation or issue in detail, the agent must be willing and prepared to listen.

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In addition, clients may not accept the solutions the agent offers straightaway or may have questions concerning them, making attentive listening a critical factor in demonstrating respect for the customer’s opinion and providing them with the most effective solution.

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3. Good Organization

During a customer service exchange, the agent must be well organized at all times in order to deliver an effective and timely service.

Being efficiently able to navigate between the different windows of a CRM database whilst switching channels is essential. Delivering a great service and taking notes promptly are also essential to the job.

4. Adaptability

Adaptability to developing situations is one of the most crucial skills in customer service. Agents must be prepared to handle a variety of customer demands, technical issues and changing to other channels.

Each service interaction can be completely different to the one before it, so readiness and adaptability are vital skills to master.

5. Enthusiasm to Go Above and Beyond

Customers appreciate good service, but agents that go that extra mile will often win over customers.

Gestures such as expediting free delivery to rectify billing errors, connecting to other channels for improved service, offering vouchers for issues or asking the most effective questions provide the customer with an exceptional experience.